• Sheriff's office investigates fight at Disney soccer tournament


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Parents called Channel 9 outraged over a fight that broke out immediately following a soccer game on Saturday at a Disney tournament.

    Osceola County sheriff's investigators said they saw and heard enough to recommend felony battery charges.

    Channel 9's Mark Joyella spoke with the goalie of the winning team who said he was so badly hurt, he had to be carried out on a stretcher.

    "I got kicked, and punched on my temple. I've got marks on my neck," said soccer player Jordan Feinberg.

    Feinberg has cuts and bruises after a tough final match in a weekend soccer tournament, but all of it happened after the game.

    He said what he thought would be an experience of a lifetime, playing in an international youth soccer match at Disney's Wide World of Sports, instead turned ugly when players from the other team and their parents starting throwing punches.

    "It's sad. How are you going to kick a kid in the face and even help your kid attack another kid?" said Feinberg.

    Feinberg said he was repeatedly punched and was even kicked in the head.

    Photos taken by his family show the brawl and the aftermath. Feinberg's father said he was stunned to see parents rushing onto the field, not to break the fight up, but to pile on his son.

    "I looked and I saw at least 10 kids on top of my son and they were just pummeling him," said Matthew Feinberg, Jordan's father.

    The Sheriff's Office is forwarding their report to the State Attorney's Office, where prosecutors who will decide what happens next.

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    Sheriff's office investigates fight at Disney soccer tournament