Stepsister of Winter Park High School student accused of recording girls comes forward as victim

Video: Stepsister of Winter Park High School student accused of recording girls comes forward as victim
A Winter Park High School teenager is charged with four counts of video voyeurism after a group of girls came forward saying he recorded up their dresses at school.
The teenager is still attending the school and the girls and their parents are now fighting to have him removed.
The boy's stepsister, who Channel 9 is not identifying due to her age, has since come forward claiming she was also a victim.
She said she caught him with a camera under her bedroom door two years before the incidents with the other victims.
She said she told a family member and then he apologized and said it was just a joke.
She thought it was only that one time in 2015, but said the police investigation into the other victims revealed it wasn’t.
“I saw his phone and his hand, and I froze,” she said.
She said she had just gotten out of the shower, put on a towel and went to her room.
She said she had locked the door, but felt like she was being watched; she said she looked down and saw a hand and cellphone under the door.
“I didn't know what to do, who to tell,” she said.
She said she confided in her other stepbrother, who confronted the suspect.
She said she thought that was the end of it and moved on, but after finding out several Winter Park High School students accused him of recording up their dresses, she went to police.
“I thought, ‘Why am I still quiet? Why am I not saying anything?’” she said.
She said during the investigation into the Winter Park students’ claims, police called and asked her to come in after looking through the teen’s phone.
She says a detective showed her a video from a room on a cruise and asked if it was her.          
“It was something I never felt before. It was disgusting to watch me on screen. It was awful,” she said.
Charges were not filed in her case. Her family said it was because of the length of time before reporting, but she and her mom are still joining the fight to have him kicked out of that school.
“It's wrong, everything that has happened is wrong,” she said.
The state will not tell us why the case was dropped because he is a juvenile, but the teen has a court date on Friday for the other four cases at Winter Park High School.
The charges are misdemeanors.