SUV, SunRail train involved in Maitland crash

SUV, SunRail train involved in Maitland crash

MAITLAND, Fla. — A SunRail train and an SUV were involved in a crash late Wednesday afternoon, according to Maitland fire officials.

Officials said approximately 100 people were on the train when the accident happened.

The accident stopped SunRail traffic for nearly an hour just after 6:30 p.m.

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Officials said it appears the driver of the SUV tried to beat the train, but police are still investigating.

Police said the woman turned left on Horatio Avenue while the train was barreling down the tracks.

She went around the arms and then the train slammed into the back of the SUV, police said.

Kristen Koehmenann was on board during the evening commute.

“I was reading a book and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the SUV flipping over,” Koehmenann.

It startled her and the other 150 passengers on board the Orlando-bound train.

“I felt the collision and the breaking of the train at the same time,” Koehmenann said.

The SUV came to rest against a curb.

The left back of the SUV was badly damaged, but the driver walked away uninjured.

“From witness statements we received, that they tried to beat the lights and crossbar coming down, trying to avoid having to wait for the train to pass,” said Lt. Louis Grindle of the Maitland Police Department.

A Florida Department of Transportation spokesperson said that all signals and equipment at the crossing were in good working order.

The train was delayed for roughly 45 minutes and all passengers were transferred to another train.

No one on board was hurt.

The driver of the SUV may be cited if it’s determined she drove around the crossing arms.