UCF fraternity brother accused of holding gun to pledge's head

ORLANDO, Fla. — A University of Central Florida fraternity was suspended after one of its members was accused of holding a gun barrel to a student’s head as part of a pledge activity, according to documents released by the school.

An anonymous email was sent Feb. 9 to the university’s police department.

The email said the pledge master of Alpha Epsilon Pi blindfolded pledges, made them lie on the floor and racked a rifle so it would make a noise.

One of the pledges made a comment about the gun not being real, and the pledge master put the barrel up to the pledge’s head and asked him if he “thinks it’s real now,” the email said.

“It was reported to the brothers for the case to be reviewed within our fraternity to see what action to take," the email said. "I’m sure they won’t report this outside of the fraternity.”

The email expressed concern about a fraternity on campus being involved with a firearm.

“I run the pledge program for Kappa Sig this semester with two other guys, and there’s seriously no place for anything like that,” said student Jack Moran. “The whole pledge program is designed to build character and a closeness with all the brothers.”

The police department forwarded the email to the university because it was unclear if the incident happened on campus.

The fraternity does now have its own campus housing.

UCF suspended the fraternity on Feb. 16. The fraternity is allowed to hold chapter meetings only in the presence of school staff.

Alpha Epsilon Pi’s national spokesperson said in a statement that the accusations “represent the actions of a rogue member,” who “has been suspended from the fraternity pending his permanent removal.”

The spokesperson said existing members are being educated on strict anti-hazing policies.

The Office of Student Conduct is still investigating.

Officials have not said if the gun was real or was loaded.

Alpha Epsilon Pi is not the only green organization on interim suspension.

Mu Sigma Upsilon was suspended because a pledge for the sorority said she was banned from socializing with anyone not in the organization.

Her boyfriend reported the incident, saying the process did not feel right.

Alpha Epsilon Pi is the second UCF fraternity to be suspended since January.

In the email, the writer expressed concern for another student, saying that the student said pledging “has been one of the most psychologically harming experiences he has ever experienced. It has taken a toll on him both mentally and physically.”

The documents did not specify what kind of hazing allegedly occurred.