UCF sorority accused of hazing, university says

Sorority temporarily suspended by UCF, university says.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A group of sorority members is under investigation by the University of Central Florida.

The women at Alpha Xi Delta are accused of hazing underage members and forcing them to drink mimosas at an Orange County restaurant.

An unnamed member of the sorority said the girls were forced to drink alcohol at Senor Frogs on “Big Sis, Little Sis” night.

The member told a student member of the sorority’s executive council in a group text message, “I'm not talking about causally drinking for fun, I'm talking about shoving a pitcher of alcohol in their mouth and saying chug this."

The reporting member said other girls are now retaliating against her for saying something.

UCF suspended the Alpha Xi Delta Tuesday pending the investigation. The sorority will not be able to participate in recruitment, fundraisers or other social activities.

Students can keep living at the sorority house.

The sorority's national office told Eyewitness News in a statement that it does not tolerate hazing and unlawful behavior.

Full statement here:

"Representatives of Alpha Xi Delta National Fraternity and the Chapter President of Alpha Xi Delta's Theta Sigma Chapter participated in a meeting with the University of Central Florida's (UCF) Office of Student Conduct this afternoon. At that meeting, we learned of allegations that have resulted in an interim suspension of the chapter. There has been no determination that these allegations are true. Per the UCF regulations governing student organizations, '[i]nterim
organizational suspension is not a sanction.'

"At this point, we have no information to substantiate these allegations. As UCF conducts its investigation, Alpha Xi Delta and the Theta Sigma Chapter will cooperate fully to determine if these allegations are true or not."

“Alpha Xi Delta does not tolerate hazing and unlawful behavior, and we are fully committed to working in conjunction with the University of Central Florida and law enforcement to provide any information in regards to this ongoing investigation,” said Elysia Gallivan, Alpha Xi Delta’s national executive director.