Violent 'Not Today Antifa' ad causes controversy for Apopka gun maker

A recently released print and online advertisement from Apopka’s Spike’s Tactical, a local gun maker, has put the company in the cross hairs of anti-white supremacist and anti-neo-Nazi groups.
In the advertisement, Four men holding guns are facing off against a violent group of protesters with the headline, “Not Today Antifa.”
The advertisement also lists the cities of Berkeley, California, Portland, Oregon, Charlottesville, Virginia, and Boston, all sites of high-profile demonstrations by white supremacist groups.
Antifa refers to a minority group of anti-fascist activists.

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The advertisement was promoting an upcoming show in Las Vegas.
Spike’s Tactical marketing director, Kit Cope, told Channel 9 that the advertisement shows “defenders” taking a stand against violent protests.
He rejected the idea that his company’s ad sympathizes with white supremacists.
“We are absolutely anti-bigotry, anti-racism – all of those things are very anti-America,” Cope said. “We are very pro-America, pro-law enforcement (and) pro-military.”






While the advertisement may be controversial, that was part of the point, Cope said.
“We wanted it to bring up thoughts, feelings, that can be discussed,” he said. “We’re just trying to start a discussion.”
Apopka resident Cynthia Flexer, though, wasn’t interested in taking part in that discussion.
“Violence,” she said after seeing the advertisement. “That’s all I can say. Violence and hate.”
Cope said Spike’s Tactical has no regrets about publishing the advertisement.
The most recent advertisement isn’t the first time Spike’s has caused controversy.
In 2015, the company made headlines for putting Christian Bible inscriptions on an assault rifle in the hopes of keeping the guns out of the hands of Muslim extremists.
Michael Lopardi

Michael Lopardi

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