• Volusia County school officials consider marijuana policy for students

    By: Deanna Allbrittin


    DeLAND, Fla. - The Volusia County School Board decided to consider a marijuana policy for students.

    Kim Adams and JJ Adams have spent months fighting to be able to give their daughter, Zoe Adams, who has a rare genetic disorder, CBD oil and gummies at school.

    On Tuesday, the couple asked the district again to craft a policy for the oil, which contains 0.3 percent THC, but it's still illegal federally, so the board made it clear it likely won't consider any policy that involves staff administering it.

    Zoe's parents said they are overjoyed the district is considering any policy that would allow the drug on campus.

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    "We definitely didn't expect this," Kim Adams said. "It was amazing to see that the school board was on our side."

    She and her daughter's supporters cheered as the Volusia County School Board decided to consider a medical marijuana policy.

    "We just wanted them to keep an open mind," JJ Adams said. "For them to even consider a policy -- that blew my mind."

    Going into the meeting, Zoe's parents said they only expected to speak about her need for CBD oil and gummies, to be heard and to move on.

    They went from pessimistic to ecstatic when the board announced it would discuss the policy and what the law allows. They were even more shocked to hear impassioned support from members.

    "I am always on the side of the patient," Melody Johnson said.

    "We should not let the fear of federal dollars or the loss of federal dollars guide our concerns as long as we have a policy that does the right thing," School Board Vice Chairman John Hill said.

    The Adams family is now working to drum up more support for the policy that the board will eventually consider.

    "It's called Zoe's Journey for a reason. And it's not just about changing her life," said Brandi McBride, who supports the use of CBD oil in schools.

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    Zoe's parents said that's because her illness is terminal, so they hope to keep fighting to help others, even after she's gone.

    "Zoe's journey's not over, although, one day, it will be. But we keep fighting the fight, because it's not just my daughter that's going to suffer, but it's other kids," JJ Adams said. "We need to stop this. We need to get on board."

    Kim Adams said she believes other school districts, especially in Central Florida, are watching to see what the Volusia County School Board ultimately decides.

    The board will look at the potential policy options at its next meeting in two weeks.

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