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Othal Wallace’s girlfriend attempted to help officer he allegedly shot, new video suggests

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Ammunition, body armor and Black power literature were some of the items the state attorney’s office found inside the apartment of the man police say shot a Daytona Beach officer before going on the run, new video and photos suggest.

Othal Wallace is charged with the attempted murder of Officer Jason Raynor, who remains in critical condition.

Detectives interviewed Wallace’s girlfriend right after the shooting. Not only does she tell detectives she grabbed towels for the injured officer, but when she realizes it’s her boyfriend detectives are looking for, she cries because she worries he will never get to see his children again.

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Inside an apartment on Kingston Avenue, detectives found a vest with the African liberation flag and the word “insurgent” stitched on another patch for the New Black Panther party. There were also dozens of rounds of ammunition found.

The woman living there said she had not seen Wallace, her boyfriend, when she left for work around 4 a.m. She said she later woke up to people yelling outside her windows.

When officers show her a photo of Wallace, the suspected shooter, she begins to cry.

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“My kids are never going to see their dad,” the woman is heard telling the detective in the video.

“If he does the right thing, he will,” the detective responds.

Officers tracked Wallace down in Georgia three days later and brought him back to Daytona Beach, where his case is pending.

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Documents show Wallace briefly worked for a security company for two months in 2020 before abruptly resigning.

He was given his security guard license but denied his concealed weapons permit because of a drug conviction he had. The company declined to comment about his employment.

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