Warranty issue with drainage pipes leaves homeowners with hefty bill

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A group of homeowners near Lake Nona said their yards are constantly soggy and the home builder won't fix the drainage problems.

Lennar homes told residents it wouldn't cover the cost to install drains, because their warranty has run out, but residents say they brought the issue to Lennar before their warranties expired

Several email chains between Lennar customer care and residents date back to 2012 when the homes were brand new.

Homeowners said they are being asked to pay to fix a problem that should have been addressed years ago.

It hasn’t rained in the area in four days, but the ground on Crosston Bay Court is still damp.

Homeowners said the ground is always wet and it’s an issue they have dealt with for the last four years.

“There is a huge problem with the water,” said resident Jane Kick.

In 2012, several homeowners complained to the home builder about standing water on both sides of their house.

"It seemed like they were just trying to pacify us, saying, ‘Oh, you don't really have that big of an issue,’” said resident Jeff Waller.

In April 2013, resident Todd Foye wrote to Lennar saying, “I am coming up on the end of my one-year time period and do not want to be left holding the ball for something that was misdiagnosed.”

Last month, Lennar executives met with residents and offered to assist homeowners with installing drains, by knocking off $500 from the cost.

Lennar would provide the grading contractor, who would honor Lennar's rate.

Newer homes are already getting the drains installed under warranty, but residents said they are getting a raw deal.

A spokesperson for Lennar said in a statement, "In regards to this situation, we are reviewing the homeowners' concerns and will address them with each homeowner individually."

Lennar also said if a home doesn't meet the quality standards promised in the warranty, they will make the appropriate repairs.