• Watch: Tiny kittens stuck between fences rescued by Daytona Beach officers

    By: Kelly Healey


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Two kittens that were stuck between two fences during Hurricane Dorian were rescued by Daytona Beach police officers, a news release said.

    The tiny kitties looked disheveled and soaking wet when they were picked up Wednesday evening by officers James Bissa and Russell Gibbins in the 600 block of Butler Boulevard.

    A woman called police when she saw the kittens trapped between a wooden and a chain-link fence that were separating two properties, officers said.

    Amid a series of high-pitched meows, Bissa pulled the kittens free by sticking his hand through the wooden fence and grabbing them. 

    (Watch the rescue video below)

    Other than being wet and stuck, the kitties had no apparent injuries. Officers left the kittens in the care of the resident who called for help, the release said.

    The resident joked they should name one kitten, "Dorian 2."

    The kittens’ mother was not found.

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