Woman, 83, says police brushed her off as ‘confused' after home break-in

An 83-year-old Casselberry woman said her home was broken into by a man wearing a AAA uniform and driving one of their trucks, but she feels the police didn't start investigating the incident until the suspect showed up a second time

"I tried to forget it because it shook me up so bad,” said Carolyn Williams.

Williams said three men walked in her front door in March and went through her belongings. She said the men stole four gold coins.

When she reported the theft to Casselberry police, the officer who responded listed the incident as suspicious and possibly due to Sundowner’s syndrome, which is often associated with dementia, where a person experiences increased episodes of confusion, agitation and activity as the day progresses.

Another officer noted that police had not received any other calls from Lake Kathryn residents reporting such incidents and explained services the city offers the elderly to Williams’ daughter.

"Oh yes, they thought I was nuts, and that's putting it mildly," Williams said.

When the man returned the next day and knocked on the door, Williams didn't let him in, but noticed he was wearing a reflective vest with the name "Hector" on it and drove a white AAA truck.

Williams' grandson Brett Shepeck shot video of his confrontation with the AAA driver, when he showed up a third day in a row.

“Hey Hector, why are you at my grandma’s house?” Shepeck asks the man as the man drove away.

The man has not been charged with a crime.

"Nobody should be called crazy while reporting a crime," said Shepeck. 
According to the second police report, which documents the second and third time the man showed up, there is no mention of Williams' mental health.

“They could have done something right away. You never know what he had in the car the day he came back the third time,” said Shepeck.

Casselberry police said the investigation started with the first report, and they have been investigating ever since. They could comment further because it's an open investigation.

As for the AAA driver, a spokesperson for the company said they are fully cooperating with police.

Jeff Levkulich

Jeff Levkulich, WFTV.com

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