• Woman allegedly shot, killed by ex-boyfriend had sought protection twice, records show

    By: Angela Jacobs


    BELLEVIEW, Fla. - A young mother who was allegedly shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend in Belleview on Monday had asked for protection twice, records show.


    In at least one of those cases, a judge issued a no contact order and the suspect, Frank Friday, was ordered to move out of the apartment he shared with the victim, Sariah Dixon, 19.


    The order also barred Friday from owning a gun.


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    But legal analysts said as soon as a victim refuses to testify against her offender, all of the stipulations go away.


    A candle flickered Tuesday outside the front door where Dixon ran for her life before police believe she was shot to death.


    An hours-long manhunt followed, during which police said Friday shot himself.


    He remains hospitalized in critical condition.


    Court records show that five months ago, Dixon filed a stalking complaint against Friday.


    Three weeks after that, she told police Friday held her against her will, wielded a knife and choked her.


    Sariah Dixon
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    © 2018 Cox Media Group.


    She told detectives she feared she’d be killed if she called police, and ultimately declined to press charges in either case.


    Belleview Police Lt. Larry Bryan said Dixon, like every domestic violence victim, was offered a help packet which includes counseling services, all of which are voluntary.


    In both vases, Dixon signed a request called a Shield Order, asking a judge to impose GPS ankle monitoring that tracks a suspect if he gets too close to a victim.


    “The alert would go to the Sheriff’s Office and they would let us know,” said Bryan.


    No matter if protection if granted in a shield or no contact order, all action is dropped when a victim refuses to prosecute.  


    Dixon’s father said she had been trying to leave the relationship.


    The father wanted prosecutors to push forward with charges last summer, even after she refused to testify.


    WFTV legal analyst and Former Chief Judge Belvin Perry said it is extremely hard without a large amount of additional and outside evidence.  

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