Former Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew called his team’s wild 27-point comeback

In retrospect, it should have been much more clear the Los Angeles Chargers were in danger when they were up 27-0. It was the Chargers, the team synonymous with mortifying NFL collapses (on the AFC side, at least).

The danger became more obvious when the Jaguars opened the second half with a touchdown to cut the deficit to 27-14. And then when they got the ball back down 30-20 and plenty of time left. And, finally, when they lined up for a game-winning kick to stun the Chargers 31-30.

But one man, or at least one man with a camera on him, saw the potential for a win when the Jaguars were still down 27-7 at halftime. That man was former Jaguars All-Pro running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who called his shot during the halftime show on NFL Network:

Jones-Drew's prediction:

"It's halftime. The Chargers are up 27-7. The most Chargers thing to do is allow the Jags back in the game in the second half game and they win on a last-second field goal."

Wouldn't you know it, that's exactly how the game ended up working out.

When pressed by co-host Chris Rose, Jones-Drew admitted he lost some hope on the fourth Trevor Lawrence interception, but by halftime, he was ready for the Chargers to deliver on their unfortunate reputation:

"First of all, I came in here in the first quarter. You were talking trash to me. You were like 'Are you OK? What's going on?' And I said 'Hey! it's the first quarter, it's a long game!' Then I saw the fourth pick and I was like 'Uh oh, SpaghettiOs.' But then I remembered who they were playing.

"It's no disrespect to the Los Angeles Chargers because they are a very talented team, but this is the thing, though. This what the Chargers do ... they gave them a chance."

Jones-Drew is beloved in Jacksonville for a tenure that saw him earn three Pro Bowl nods and a rushing title in 2011. His belief in a comeback that still doesn’t feel quite real shows he is very much still a Jaguar at heart.