• Do you know how to read a history report for an Orlando used car?


    When it comes to shopping for an Orlando used car, some of our customers get a little bit intimidated. It’s understandable; buying a new ride is a big investment, so you have to be sure you’ve found the right one at the right prices, as it’s going to be your vehicle of choice for years to come! Part of buying a used vehicle is know where it came from, and we’ve got just the tool to help you get that information – used car history reports. However, do you know how to interpret them? 

    Can you read your used car’s history report? 

    Just because you have a CarFax or vehicle history report won’t do you much good – you have to know how to read them in order to get the skinny on where your Orlando used car has been in its past. We’ve got the info you need to be able to interpret them (and don’t forget, we offer a history report on every single used car in Orlando on our lot!). 

    • One of the big things to be on the lookout for in a history report for your used car is the maintenance records. Has the vehicle in question been getting routine car maintenance as needed? If not, you may be facing repairs down the road that can tack extra costs onto your purchase, so be aware if the used Toyota in Orlando you’re looking at has been missing some of its routine auto service appointments! 
    • You should also be aware of mileage – know how many miles are on the car, and what TYPE of miles they are. Typically, highway miles are a bit tougher on a vehicle than city miles, so be aware of which ones your vehicle has been taking on. You should also be sure that the mileage indicated on the report matches the mileage on the odometer to make sure nothing has been tweaked or tampered with. 

    What should you look out for in an Orlando used vehicle? 

    • Don’t forget to check out how many owners the Orlando used car has had! Having a large number of owners isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can mean lapses in routine car maintenance, so you’ll want to cross-reference the car’s service records to be sure that it’s been getting the attention it needs. 
    • While you’re at it, check out the auto repairs records. You should know whether or not the car you’re considering has been in an accident, and what repairs resulted. If they were major (more than normal wear and tear), you may want to reconsider, as it could lead to more future repairs and extra costs.  

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