Osceola Teen Accused Of Posing As Hospital Worker

KISSIMMEE, Fla.,None — A 17-year-old is facing third-degree felony charges after he was arrested for impersonating a physician assistant at Osceola Regional Medical Center, according to Kissimmee police.

Matthew Scheidt is being charged with five counts of impersonating a physician assistant, a third-degree felony, police said.

Kissimmee police officers arrived at Osceola Regional Medical Center, located at 700 West Oak Street in Kissimmee, on Wednesday and met with hospital officials about a concern over Schiedt’s qualifications.

Officers were informed that in early August, Scheidt requested a new hospital ID badge and told the hospital that he had changed physician offices and that he was a physician assistant. Hospital officials told police that Scheidt was then issued a physician assistant ID card.

Police said Scheidt later told an emergency room charge nurse that he was a physician assistant student at Nova University and said he was working with Dr. Ramirez, assisting him in the office and the operating room.

Scheidt said he was in the ER to gain experience as he was changing his focus from surgery to emergency medicine, according to police. While in the ER, Scheidt conducted exams, provided patient care and accessed restricted patient information, police said.

Officials in the human resources department told police they became concerned about Schiedt’s qualifications when he continually requested access to restricted areas of the hospital. After checking into Scheidt’s qualifications, officials said they found that he worked for a surgical management group as a part-time billing clerk, not a physician assistant as he had stated.

Police said Scheidt cooperated with detectives. Scheidt will be transported to the Orange County Regional Detention Center pending further judicial action.