Toyota of Orlando shares driving tips for rainy weather!

Toyota of Orlando shares driving tips for rainy weather!
It’s that time of year in Central Florida – summer is coming, and with it comes rainy (sometimes stormy) afternoons and early evenings! Do you know how to take on the roads when the rain hits? It can be dangerous to hit the highways if you’re not sure what you’re doing, or if your new Toyota isn’t properly prepped. Toyota of Orlando has tips to get you ready – read on! 

How can you prep your Orlando Toyota for rainy weather? 

Our sales specialists and our Orlando Toyota service techs sat down to hash out a list of some techniques for both preparing your new Toyota for rainy roads, as well as how to drive when you actually get out there in traffic. Let’s start with prep work – is your new Toyota in Orlando ready to take on the rainiest of roads with ease? 

  • One of the most important things when it's raining out is to have good visibility. Your new Toyota's wipers should be in good condition; if you turn them on and they just smear water around, you need a new set. Our Toyota Service Center in Orlando can help you replace them affordably. Also get your defogger checked! 
  • Make sure you've gotten your brake service take care of, too. You need to be able to stop suddenly sometimes when you take your new Toyota on rainy roads, and you want full braking power behind you to ensure you can do so safely and efficiently. If you're unsure as to whether or not they're in good condition, have our Toyota Service Center take a peek!
  • Check your tires! Having good traction is essential in bad weather, so make sure you have enough tread on your new Toyota's tires and that they're properly aligned and rotated, as well as fully inflated according to your owner's manual! 

Know how to handle your new Toyota in the rain! 

Once you’ve gotten your new Toyota in Orlando all revved up and ready to do, you have to start thinking about HOW you’re going to take on the roads and still stay safe and efficient in your driving habits. Here are a few more tips! 

  • Take things slow – don't speed, and you can even drive under the speed limit if the need calls for it. Be sure to take turns slowly so you don't spin out, and try not to slam on the accelerator to avoid losing control. 
  • Leave enough braking distance for your vehicle– remember, the roads are slippery so you may want to leave extra space and NEVER slam on your brakes, as you may cause a collision. 
  • Do not use cruise control when it's raining outside – you need to be in full control of your ride! 
  • Don't cruise through puddles, either! You never know how deep they actually are, and you could be doing damage to your car's electrical system without even realizing it. 

Want more tips or need to get your ride prepped for wet weather? Come on down to Toyota of Orlando – we’re at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall! See you soon! 

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