$280,000 Rolls-Royce stolen during armed carjacking

Police are looking for the group that followed, cornered and carjacked a man driving a Rolls-Royce.

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The luxury car is worth $280,000.

David Gray said he was driving the luxury car on New Year's Eve.

“I work hard. Even though I have a million dollars in cars, it doesn’t matter. I still work hard for it,” Gray said.

Gray said he just left his friend's house when he realized a group of men were following him on Mableton Parkway.

He tried to lose them on Felton Lane.

“Once they boxed me in, they jumped out with big guns, so their big guns, to my little gun,” Gray said.

Cobb County police said two different vehicles cornered the luxury car.

“A maroon Suburban and a black Impala,” said Wayne Delk with the Cobb County police. “Four to five men got out, armed with long guns. Rifles.”

At first, Gray said, he wouldn't give up the keys, but one of the men fired a shot into the air.

“My life flashed right before my eyes. I really thought I was dead,” Gray said.

Gray said they stole his watch, jumped into the car and took off.

“As they were leaving with the vehicle, the victim attempted to stop them by shooting out the tires,” Delk said.

Gray said he's licensed to carry but the carjackers quickly sped away.

And although Gray has a gun, he said there was no way he could use it safely.

"I would've been dead even if I just put out my gun, because I was just outnumbered," Gray said.

The car has GPS tracking on it but police haven't found it yet.

The owner of the Rolls-Royce let Gray borrow it while she was away on business.

“Somebody had to have been following him or watching my car, it just didn't happen,” said the car’s owner Stormy Wellington. “Thank God I have multiple cars, but my Rolls-Royce is my favorite car.”

Wellington had a message for the carjackers.

"At this point, leave it on the side of the road and walk off and just give me my car," Wellington said.

Police said if you're the victim of a carjacking, just let them take what they want.