Caught on camera: Half-naked, dancing man makes sandwiches at Subway restaurant

FESTUS, Mo. — When you go to a restaurant, you never want to see a half-dressed man making your food. However, Subway customers on Gannon Drive in Festus, Missouri, saw just that over the weekend.

KTVI reports that concerned customers pulled out their phones to record the shirtless man, who was dancing and making sandwiches.

Subway officials found out about the bizarre scene and say the man wasn’t even one of their employees.

Subway released the following statement:

"The person behind the counter that appears in the video is not a current Subway sandwich shop employee and was not authorized to go behind the counter. The former employee left the shop before further action could be taken. I apologize to my guests for this unusual occurrence."

When KTVI contacted Festus police, they said they never received any complaints about the strange occurrence.

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