Real or fake? Gator hitches ride on manatee

ORANGE CITY, Fla. — It may have been just great timing, or something else, but a woman in Florida says she got a once-in-a-lifetime shot of a gator hitchhiking on a manatee.

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Dana Menk posted the amazing photo to the

as part of a photo contest.


Alligator swimming atop manatee entering Blue Spring State Park. By Dana Menk

Posted by MyFWC on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman said that the gator was just swimming over the manatee, instead of actually riding it in the Blue Spring State Park, when Menk snapped the photo,


The spokeswoman said that both species live in similar habitats and it isn't unusual to see them in the same area, but reminded that gators are not a threat to manatees.