21-foot pink flamingo sculpture coming to Florida airport

TAMPA, Fla. — A 21-foot, floor-to-ceiling sculpture of a pink flamingo will be installed in a Florida airport.

“Home,” by artist Matthew Mazzotta, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a sculpture of the iconic Florida bird and will be a centerpiece in the main terminal at Tampa International Airport, officials said Thursday.

The immersive sculpture is made from resin and fiberglass and depicts a flamingo dipping its head beneath the water to feed.

The $520,000 public art piece is expected to be installed in November.

“The exaggerated scale of the flamingo in ‘Home’ puts the lives of these birds in focus and puts us as humans in awe as they tower above us, reminding us that we all share the same home,” Mazzotta told the Tampa Bay Times.

The sculpture is one of seven pieces of public art coming to the airport.