4 planets align this week; Find out how to see them

If you’re up early enough, you will be able to witness a rare show in the sky.

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Four planets — Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn — are aligning and the journey started early Sunday morning, NBC News reported.

They will be in a straight line in the southeastern sky just before sunrise and you should be able to see them with the naked eye. said that they should be in a diagonal 30-degree line Tuesday morning.

The moon will seem to dance among the planets, passing below Saturn on April 25, Mars the next day and Jupiter and Venus on April 27, according to

People should head out an hour before sunrise, and look southeast where you would normally see the sun come up.

NASA said that if the conditions are right, you should see Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn in a line without the need for binoculars or telescopes.

Jupiter will be the second-brightest planet but will be the lowest on the horizon, so it may be difficult to see right now. However, as the planets continue their dance it will be higher in the sky, NASA said.

The planets’ movements are just the beginning of a rarer celestial event.

From late June to early July, Mercury will be added to the line of planets, allowing five planets to be seen just before sunrise in an event that happens every few years, NBC News reported.

Watch the video below to see NASA’s “What’s Up: April Skywatching Tips” or visit the Jet Propulsion Lab’s YouTube channel.