Bakery feeds dozens stranded on Virginia highway during snowstorm

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Thousands of drivers found themselves stranded along a stretch of Interstate 95 in Virginia, after a winter storm made driving conditions treacherous.

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Some drivers were stuck in their cars for more than a day with no access to food and water.

Casey and John Holihan told WBAL they didn’t move for 16 hours and were exhausted and stressed by the ordeal. After noticing a Schmidt Baking Company truck parked near them, Casey called the company’s customer service number. She told WBAL she “kind of begged” the company to give the stranded drivers access to the food on the truck.

The couple was shocked to get a call from the company’s owner about 20 minutes later, WMAR reported. The owner reached out to the company truck’s driver.

The truck’s driver and the Holihans handed out bread to more than 50 cars along a two-mile stretch of highway.

Schmidt Baking Co. owner Chuck Paterakis told WBAL it was “very gratifying” to be able to help the stranded and hungry motorists.