Bill Nye explains why people should wear masks, how they work during coronavirus pandemic

Bill Nye the Science Guy explains complex scientific concepts to kids. Now he’s showing why people should wear masks as the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge.

In a video posted on TikTok, Nye says, “Masks prevent particles from my respiratory system from getting into your respiratory system ... Blocking the movement of air is an old trick,” CNN reported.

Using a candle, he proceeds to demonstrate how much air escapes in different situations. That air brings microscopic particles with it that could include viruses.

A knitted scarf allows Nye to blow out the candle. A homemade mask with two layers of cotton and a pipe cleaner conforming the mask to the nose allows the flame to move, but not go out.

Finally, he tries an N-95 mask and the candle is not affected.

Nye calls wearing a mask, “literally a matter of life or death,” CNN reported.

The videos were posted Wednesday after positive cases continued to skyrocket in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Other celebrities are also trying to get people to wear masks. Mindy Kaling, Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston are among the stars speaking out about wearing masks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.