Confused by TikTok video, Florida woman drives to North Carolina looking for mountains

GASTONIA, N.C. — A Florida woman was looking to take a drive to see beautiful mountains in Gastonia, only to discover she was tricked.

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Zachary Keesee, who lives in North Carolina, posted video of a scenic mountain he visited in Switzerland, but labeled them as being in Gastonia, North Carolina, WSOC reported. The video racked up more than half a million views.


Reply to @johnzimmerschied Gastonia, North Carolina. A TRUE gem 💎 #gastonia #northcarolina #switzerland #nc

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Olivia Garcia, who lives in Florida, saw the video but had no idea the scene she saw was, in fact, Switzerland and not North Carolina, and convinced her family to drive to Gastonia to see the view, WSOC reported. “Once we started kind of going out of the mountains, I was a little suspicious. I’m like, ‘when are the mountains going to start back up again?’ We were 20 minutes out of the way and I was like, ‘This doesn’t seem right,’ and once we got there, I was like, ‘Oh God, this isn’t it,’ Garcia told WSOC.

Keesee told WSOC he intended the post as a joke. “I mean I guess I can formally apologize face-to-face for any inconveniences I have caused you, but it seems you’ve taken it pretty lightly and got the humor out of it and have a funny story,” Keesee told WSOC.

The director of travel and tourism for Gaston County, where Gastonia is located, told WSOC that he was glad Garcia came to visit, and hopes she returns to see some of the natural beauty the area does have.