Disney employee contacts police after woman places call for help disguised as ticket order

A Walt Disney World employee is being credited for saving a Pennsylvania woman who needed help.

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Police said the unidentified woman called Walt Disney World under the guise of buying park tickets, but when the woman only answered in short, yes-no, answers, the operator realized that she didn’t need park passes, instead she realized the woman was in need of help, the York Dispatch reported.

The newspaper reported that the Disney operator asked the woman if she wanted to book a trip and the woman responded no. The operator then asked the woman if she needed police, and she responded yes, the criminal complaint stated.

The operator told police that at one point during the call, she heard the woman yell “get off of me” and “get away from me.”

Northern York County Regional Police said they were contacted by the Disney employee who gave them the woman’s location and recounted what had happened, WPMT reported.

Police went to the woman’s home where she said that she and her fiance had been arguing about him getting a job. He told her he recently was hired as a fire extinguisher salesman but she didn’t think that was a “realistic job” and that he needed “a real job” if he wanted to stay in the relationship, police told WPMT.

The woman said the man then grabbed her by the throat and threatened to kill her. Police said the woman had signs of an alleged attack including scratches and red marks.

Police said Wayne Terry Shifflett admitted to the incident. He has been charged with aggravated assault among other charges, the York Dispatch reported.

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