Florida police smash window to rescue dog from 115-degree heat

SARASOTA, Fla. — Police officers in Florida broke a car window last week in order to rescue a dog from inside a vehicle which had reached temperatures of 115 degrees.

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It was a hot day when Sarasota police said they responded to a call about a dog locked inside a car, WSVN reported.

“The dog is panting and drooling all over the place,” an officer is heard saying to an Animal Services officer in a video.

The officer said he was worried that the dog, only identified as a pit bull, might bolt from the vehicle once the window was broken, and waited for animal services before attempting a rescue.

The officers tried to find the car’s owner, but were unable to because the car was a rental. No one in the hotel where the car was parked was able to locate a driver for the vehicle.

An officer kept the dog’s attention on one side of the vehicle while another officer broke the window.

The animal services officer was able to safely corral the dog. Even with the broken window circulating some air, the temperature inside the car was 115 degrees, officials said.

Eventually the dog’s owner was found. He said he left the car running. He was issued two citations by Animal Services.

“Always remember to look before you lock for pets, children and elderly loved ones,” police said.

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Posted by Sarasota Police Department on Thursday, May 13, 2021