Full Cold Moon 2020: 13 stunning photos of final full moon of year

Skygazers had their eyes full in 2020, with 13 full moons, myriad meteor showers and a planetary alignment not seen since the middle ages.

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On Tuesday night, the final full moon of the year, the cold moon, stunned.

>> 13 full moons, including 2 supermoons and 1 Blue moon, to appear during 2020

In honor of a year that supplied 13 full moons including two supermoons, and a blue moon in October, here are 13 impressive photos of the final full moon of 2020:

1. Providence, R.I.

Photo by @MikeCohea, Twitter

2. Glen Allen, Va.

Photos by @Ramiammoun, Twitter

3. Edmonton, Alberta

Photos by @kmoorephotos, Twitter

4. Portland, Jamaica

Photos by @annmarievazja, Twitter

5. Los Angeles

Photo @jw88photo, Instagram

6. Highlands Ranch, Co.

Photo by @Presto89, Twitter

7. Calgary, Alberta

Photo by @TKRanch, Twitter

8. Honolulu

Photo by @ma_am.hawaii, Instagram

9. Alameda, Calif.

Photo by @Tyska, Twitter

10. Washington, D.C.

Photo @c_fukuda0001, Instagram

11. Preston, Lancashire

Photos by @SoniaBashir, Twitter

12. London

Photos by @Izze1122, Twitter

13. Japan

Photo by @chumifoto, Instagram