GTA 6: Rockstar Games confirms next installment is in development

Gamers get ready! Rockstar Games has confirmed that the next edition of “Grand Theft Auto” is in development.

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The company made the announcement on social media on Friday.

The name hasn’t been released, but many are speculating that it could be called “GTA 6″ to continue the series, and that’s what it is being called by fans and publications PC Gamer reported.

IGN reported that the game was in development as far back as 2020, but was not ready to be released at the time.

Some reports said that it could be released in be either 2024 or 2025, IGN reported.

Forbes speculated that it could be slated for release for the 2023 holiday and then pushed back, which happens frequently, according to the publication.

PC Gamer reported that those who enjoy the games on computers may have to wait longer. Other games were released months, if not a year, after the console versions.

Not many details were released other than confirming that the game is being developed, which is leading to a lot of speculation online.

Some think it will return to the Miami-inspired “Vice City” setting, and that fans of the game already got a sneak peek thanks to a screenshot in GTA Trilogy remasters, IGN reported.

Rockstar also recently patented a new system that is used to navigate non-player characters, or NPCs.

The new programming could lead to more realistic traffic behaviors, IGN reported.