Head in clouds: 5-year-old Alabama boy writes first book

MOBILE, Ala. — A 5-year-old Alabama boy has a writing career in his forecast.

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Julius Alexander Marshall, of Mobile County, has published a book about weather that incorporates making choices, WPMI reported.

Cloud Party,” which was released on June 20, is a children’s book that tells a story about making good choices through the characters of good and bad clouds, WPMI reported.

Characters include Naughty Nimbus and Sneaky Stratus, according to the television station.

“It’s about good choices, it’s about poor choices, it’s about anger,” Marshall told WPMI. “It’s about being courageous, and it’s about forgiveness.”

The book, which is free for Kindle users through Amazon and costs $12.25 in paperback form, is illustrated by Ashlynn Jenae Jackson.

Marshall told WPMI that he is already working on a second book.