Michigan woman discovers kangaroo in her driveway

LAPEER COUNTY, Mich. — A Michigan woman lives in the southern part of her county, but not down under. So imagine her surprise when she saw a kangaroo hopping on her driveway on Tuesday.

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“Just walking down the driveway -- not walking -- hopping up and down the driveway, and it was eating something,” Sara Greer told WJBK-TV.

Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia and New Guinea -- not to Lapeer County, an area located in the thumb of Michigan’s mitt between Detroit and Flint.

“We have nothing but wildlife, farm animals and cows,” Greer told WJBK.

Greer said she called 911 to report the misguided marsupial but was met with skepticism from the dispatcher.

“I say I’m located in southern Lapeer County and there is a pause and she responds, ‘Ma’am, are you sure it’s a kangaroo?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I’m sure!’” Greer told the television station.

The bewildered dispatcher contacted Lapeer County Animal Control. Greer later found out the kangaroo’s name is Douglas, and he hopped through a cemetery before he finally found his home, WJBK reported.

“You could tell he was lost, he wanted to go home,” Greer told the television station.

Douglas’ owner, who owns a license to keep exotic pets, was able to corral the kangaroo, WJBK reported.

“As long as you have a license or permit, I guess you can have a kangaroo,” Greer told the television station, adding that she wants one for a pet.

“Now I’m trying to convince (my husband) not to get another dog but a kangaroo,” Greer added, noting that her encounter with Douglas brightened her day. ”The way the world is today, it puts a smile on your face.”