No kidding: ‘Peeping goat’ on the loose in New Jersey, police say

CHATHAM TOWNSHIP, N.J. — You’ve heard of a Peeping Tom. Meet a Peeping Billy.

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The Chatham Township Police Department in New Jersey is asking residents to be on the lookout for a “peeping goat” in the area. Apparently, this baaaaaad boy has been on the loose since Thursday in the area located about 25 miles west of New York City, WCBS-TV reported.

Police said the goat has been “peeping” into houses in the suburban community, according to the television station.

Residents have been warned by police not to apprehend the goat, WPIX-TV reported.

The goat escaped from a nearby farm, but “not Creekside Farms,” police wrote in a Facebook post.

Residents responding to the police department’s post were having a field day with goat puns.

“Officially on the lamb,” one person wrote. “If the farm is not the owner, can’t say I’d turn this kid in.”

“Hope a cop on the bleat locates him,” another person wrote.