School bus driver faces 30 child abuse charges for allegedly slamming on vehicle’s brakes

A school bus driver in Colorado is facing 30 counts of child abuse after he allegedly slammed on brakes on purpose to “teach the kids a lesson.”

Several children were injured during the incident.

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Brian Fitzgerald, a substitute bus driver for the Douglas County School District, was fired after the March 1 incident, KRDO reported.

A surveillance video showed Fitzgerald telling the elementary school students, “You guys need to be in your seats.”

Fitzgerald, 61, can be heard saying in the clip. “You guys want to see how dangerous that is?”

He then allegedly stepped hard on the brake pedal, sending the children flying around the inside of the bus, hitting their heads on the windows and seats in front of them.

“Did you get that? That’s why you need to be in your seat,” Fitzgerald can be heard saying on the video. “Turn around and sit down properly. If you guys can’t do that, you will get written up. Do you get that?”

The bus was traveling at approximately 9 mph, according to CBS News.

The children are not wearing seatbelts on the bus. Eight states - Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Texas - have laws requiring the installation of seat belts on school buses.

Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas’ laws are subject to appropriations or approval or denial by local jurisdictions. Iowa adopted a rule in 2019 requiring lap/shoulder belts in all new Iowa school buses.

A misdemeanor charge was filed against Fitzgerald on April 12. The charge includes 29 counts of child abuse with no injury and one count of child abuse with bodily injuries, ABC News reported.

Fitzgerald is scheduled to appear in court on May 12, according to People.