Super Bowl LVI: Prop bets offer fun wagering possibilities

Betting on the Super Bowl is big business, but not all bettors are interested in who wins. That is why sportsbooks have a proposition heading into Super Bowl LVI.

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Proposition, or “prop bets,” allows bettors to find creative ways to win money. They are bets that do not necessarily have to do with the outcome of the game.

Last year’s broadcast was watched by more than 91 million people, according to Sports Business Journal. With this year’s game being played in Southern California, the glitter of Hollywood celebrities, Los Angeles landmarks and even NBC’s broadcasters are wagering options for prop bettors, according to The Sporting News.

A quick reminder about looking at odds. They are expressed in terms of money, with $100 being the standard, according to Athlon Sports. If the odds are minus (–), then that amount of money must be wagered to win $100. In other words, a -150 bet means you must wager $150 to win $100. If the odds are plus (+), that is the amount of cash a bettor would earn on a $100 bet. So, a +150 means a bettor will rake in $150 for a $100 bet.

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So, here are some prop bets. Remember, these are bets for the actual game. Pregame and postgame do not count.

  • Comparisons: Will Bengals quarterback Burrow be compared to “Home Alone” actor Macaulay Culkin? That is a -3,000 for “No,” and +650 for a “Yes.”
  • Landmark bet: Which Hollywood landmark will be shown first? The Hollywood sign that overlooks the Los Angeles area is the favorite at -275. A strong underdog is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at +180.
  • Where is he? How many times will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell be shown during NBC’s broadcast? More than 1.5 times is a -140, while less than 1.5 times comes in at -125.
  • Celebrity sighting: Which celebrity will be shown first? This is L.A., after all. Leonardo DiCaprio is the favorite at +190, followed by Matt Damon (+255), Ben Affleck (+310), Jennifer Lopez (+380) and Kim Kardashian (+555).
  • Star athletes: There will certainly be celebrity-athletes at the game. Magic Johnson and LeBron James are locks to be at SoFi Stadium. But who will be shown first on the NBC broadcast? Johnson and James are the favorites at +225, with Clayton Kershaw a long shot at +555.

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Those are prop bets to follow during the NBC broadcast between plays, according to The Sporting News. But what about prop bets related to the halftime show?

  • Who goes first? Which artist will perform first during the halftime show? Dr. Dre is technically the headliner, so it is natural that he would be the favorite, at +150. He is followed in the odds by Mary J. Blige (+200), Snoop Dogg (+375), Kendrick Lamar (+750) and Eminem (+700).
  • First song? Dr. Dre’s “California Love” is the favorite at +200, followed by “The Next Episode” at +350 and “Family Affair” at +400.
  • Those shoes: What color shoes will Snoop Dogg be wearing during his performance? According to, it will be blue (+150), followed by white (+300) and yellow or gold (+350).
  • Headware: What will Eminem wear on his head during his performance? The betting line favors a hat at -150, followed by a hood (+125) or nothing (+300).
  • Hoops, there it is: What kind of earrings will Mary J. Blige wear during her performance? Hoops or huggie earrings are favored at -300. Clusters are at +350 and teardrops are at +500.

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Oh yes, the game itself. Here are some prop bets and odds, according to FanDuel and

  • Joe Burrow: The over/under for the Bengals’ quarterback in passing yards is 276.5. The distance for his first touchdown pass is 10 1/2 yards. Less than 10 1/2 is the favorite at -125, while more than that amount is at -105. His over/under for touchdown passes is 1.5, with over that amount the favorite at -158 while the under is at +124.
  • Matthew Stafford: For the Los Angeles Rams quarterback, the over/under for passing yards is 281.5. The yardage for his first TD pass is the same as Burrows, but the odds are different. Less than 10 1/2 yards is favored at -130, while more than is at +130. The over/under for touchdown passes is 2.5, with the under margin the favorite at -194. The over is at +150.
  • First reception: Cooper Kupp is the favorite at +500, according to He is followed by Ja’Marr Chase (+525) and Odell Beckham Jr. (+600).
  • Total points scored. According to, the favorite is 41-50 points, at +200. If you want a real long shot, 0-20 points scored is at +2,000.

You can download your own prop bet sheet at Action Sports, in case you want to have a friendly competition at home.

Happy betting.