• Will the Toyota Hilux make its way into American dealerships?


    If you’re an avid Clermont Toyota fan, than you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Toyota Hilux. However, just in case you’ve never heard of this incredible Toyota truck, we’re here to fill you in! The Toyota Hilux is only available overseas; it’s earned quite the fan following thanks to its super-sporty appearance, rugged capabilities, and cool technology. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available in the US (although you will find its American counterpart, the 2013 Toyota Tacoma near Leesburg)… but did you know it’s found its way here before? 

    Is the Toyota Hilux going to find its way to our family of dealerships? 

    Toyota of Clermont has got the scoop! Apparently, the Toyota Hilux made its way to American shores under the watchful eye of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) last year. They brought the truck stateside in order to take special measurements for custom parts and accessories, and it hit several different spots across the country. It wasn’t driving, however – in order to be driven on US roads, the Toyota Hilux has to meet a ton of specific safety requirements. To make life easier, SEMA transported it on a special flatbed. That’s one of the reasons you won’t find it at either dealership in our family! 

    Check out the American counterpart – the Toyota Tacoma near Leesburg! 

    However, we’ve got excellent news – you can find all the qualities that the Toyota Hilux embraces in the new Toyota Tacoma near Leesburg! It’s rugged, it’s sporty, it’s decked out with tons of cool options and accessories – in fact, the only difference between the two is the name! The Toyota Tacoma near Leesburg was even called the Hilux over here in the states before 1975, when Toyota decided to switch things up. (This is similar to how the Scion FR-S is actually called the Toyota GT-86 in other countries). 

    So, what’s so cool about the new Toyota Tacoma? Toyota of Clermont has all the details for you – let’s start with the interior!


    • You’ll find great technology on this new Toyota truck – it comes standard with a display audio system and touchscreen, alongside iPod connectivity and Bluetooth streaming. It’s so easy to keep your favorite tunes on hand!   
    • You’ll also have a ton of options on how you want your interior to look – for example, choose the cab size (there are three available to you), and then decide if you want fabric, sport fabric, or leather to finish things off! 

    Performance is also a must-see for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma – check out features like: 

    • 4WD capabilities, as well as Active Traction Control and a rear-wheel drive train so you can handle whatever terrain you might be facing
    • A specially tuned suspension with gas-filled Bilstein shock absorbers 
    • The choice between a 4-cylinder and V6 engine – did we mention you can also tow up to 6,400 pounds with this new Toyota truck? 
    • Manual or automatic transmission – you decide! 

    However, that’s only a drop in the bucket when it comes to everything that the new Toyota Tacoma has to offer. Come check it out in person at our new Toyota dealership! Toyota of Clermont is open seven days a week until 10pm – give us a call to schedule your test drive at (888) 590-6090! 

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