• Toyota of Clermont's top 8 tips to improve fuel efficiency


    Trying to save a few bucks when it comes to car ownership? A big opportunity lies in improving your car’s fuel efficiency. And you don’t have to hop into a hybrid or electric car to do it! Toyota of Clermont has helpful tips on how to boost fuel efficiency and save money at the pump. Trust us, your wallet will thank you.

    Tip #1: Clean out your car.

    All of that junk in your trunk is just weighing your car down, making it more difficult to get the fuel efficiency that the owner’s manual promised. Declutter your car and hit the MPGs you want.

    Tip #2: Ignore the need for speed.

    Follow the speed limit. Not only does it up the safety of your drive time, it can also help your car’s fuel economy. Driving over the speed limit all the time drops how efficiently your car performs.  

    Tip #3: Schedule your routine car maintenance.

    Routine car care like tire rotations, oil changes, and air filter changes will ensure your car can give you the performance you need for the MPGs you crave. Without this routine car maintenance, your car and your fuel economy will suffer.

    Tip #4: Crank the cruise control.

    Using cruise control (instead of constantly fluctuating speeds) can help improve fuel economy drastically. However, our Clermont auto service techs remind you to never use it in traffic or when the weather is wet.

    Tip #5: Carpool to work or school.

    Have coworkers or classmates that live near you? Consider organizing a carpool to save fuel and money. This will also reduce the number of miles on your car, upping its resale value.

    Tip #6: Plot your route.

    Plan your drive time before you leave to find the most efficient route to work. Remember, sitting in traffic burns precious fuel, so taking back roads may be more efficient in the long run. Use the live traffic technology found in so many of our Clermont Toyota cars to plan.

    Tip #7: Drive responsibly.

    Avoid driving aggressively – i.e., slamming on your gas and brakes – and you’ll see your fuel efficiency rise. Plus, this keeps you safer on the road and brings down your risk of a collision.

    Tip #8: Keep things light.

    Avoid towing and hauling unless absolutely necessary – adding more weight to the equation will drop your MPGs lower.

    Need to schedule routine car maintenance or want to get more Clermont Toyota tips regarding saving money on gas? Call us today – we’re open seven days a week at (352) 404-7000!

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