• Prepare your car for holiday travel with Toyota service


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    Are you planning on getting out of town for the holidays? You’re not the only one – this is one of the busiest times of the year for travel. The roads will be crowded and the weather will be cold, so now’s the time to ensure your car is ready for anything. Toyota of Clermont is here to help; we’re ready to schedule Toyota service for your ride to get it prepped for your holiday travel, no matter where your merrymaking may take you!

    What kind of Toyota service should you schedule before the holidays?

    What type of Clermont Toyota service should you be scheduling before hitting the highway? Here are our top picks:

    1) Oil change: When you’re putting highway miles on your car, it means that your engine is working harder than ever to keep up with the high speeds and long distances. It needs clean oil to be able to stay cool and lubricated; otherwise you run the risk of your car overheating and major (and expensive) engine problems. Schedule a Clermont oil change before you head out.

    2) Battery and spark plugs check: There’s no worse feeling than a car that won’t start. Unfortunately, the cold can take its toll on two elements that are essential to getting things up and running – your spark plugs and your car battery. Have both inspected by our techs for both physical damage and capabilities; if they’re not going to cut it in the cold, then we can affordably replace them for you before you leave.

    3) Tire rotation: If you’re traveling a long way then your tires are going to take some wear. That’s why it’s important to rotate them; this Toyota service helps them to wear evenly which means you don’t have to replace them as frequently! And while our techs are rotating your tires, they’ll also inspect them for damage, PSI level, and traction to ensure they can handle a road trip this year. Don’t wind up with a blowout – let us take a peek at your tires!

    4) Wipers inspection: You’ll need your wipers on point if you’re going to be facing rain, sleet, or snow. The rubber blades should be intact and should clear your windshield without streaking or making noises. If that’s not the case, you need a new set of blades! Our Clermont Toyota parts store can help you choose the right ones and install them as well.

    5) Multi-point inspection: Finally, schedule a multi-point inspection for your vehicle. Our techs will check things out from bumper to bumper, making sure there aren’t any issues or issues that could come to fruition when you’re out on the road. Trust us, it will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle to take care of problems at our Toyota Service Center in Clermont before you leave!

    Call Toyota of Clermont before you hit the highway

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