How does Bluetooth work in your Orlando Toyota?

Bluetooth has been around for a while, but it’s surprising how many drivers in Central Florida aren’t aware of how this technology can improve their driving experience. No problem – not only does Toyota of Orlando have a great selection of vehicles that integrate this technology, we also have a solid explanation for you as to what exactly Bluetooth is, how it works, and how you can make the most of it! For a full selection of new Toyota in Orlando that have this technology, swing by and see us… but first, get the information you need! 

What is Bluetooth technology? 

Bluetooth is technology that allows two devices to communicate with one another wirelessly – this equates to major convenience. Think about walkie talkies if you need a basic example, or utilizing wi-fi on your laptop. Bluetooth uses short-range radio signals to connect two devices and let them communicate with one another. It’s actually found in a lot more places than just your new Toyota in Orlando – you can also find it in computers, like we mentioned, as well as cell phones, and other technological devices. What does this mean for your driving experience? 
  • Hands-free capabilities – you can now talk on the phone without having to actually hold it in your hand, which makes your drive time safer and more efficient. Remember, texting and driving is almost the equivalent of driving drunk, so take advantage of this incredible hands-free technology whenever you can! 
  • Streaming music – no more lugging around CDs or having to fumble with a million wires. Now you can instantly stream your music collection to your new Toyota in Orlando, making jamming out on road trips and long commutes that much easier! Oh, and did we mention you can also stream music from sources like Sirius XM Satellite Radio and HD Radio for even more of a selection? 
  • You'll also be privy to even more convenience in many of our new Toyota options, as some of them have a steering wheel mounted with either voice-activated Bluetooth controls or Bluetooth controls mounted on the steering wheel! You'll never have to take your hands off the wheel again! 

How does Bluetooth work in your new Toyota in Orlando?

But how does this innovative technology work? Basically, you’ll utilize Bluetooth in your new Toyota in Orlando via small transmitters that are installed in both your vehicle and your phone, allowing them to use the short-range radio signals to communicate with one another without you having to do practically anything. Your cell phone transmitter will send out a signal to the transmitter embedded in your new Toyota, and voila – you’re wireless! Whether you need to call mom or just want to listen to your newest iTunes purchases, you’re all set. 

Want to learn more about Bluetooth technology or witness it in person? One of our product specialists would be happy to demonstrate the technology in any of our new Toyota in Orlando, like the 2013 Toyota Corolla LE! Just pop by for a visit – we’re off I-4 near the Millenia Mall, and we’re open until 10pm every day!