• What is a trim-level in your Orlando Toyota?


    Have you ever sat down and tried to do research on the car you might want to purchase? Choosing a make is simple enough – do you want a new Toyota in Orlando, or are you looking for another brand like Honda or Ford? Picking a model is also a pretty simple step; should you choose something large like a Toyota Tundra or a Toyota Highlander, or are you looking for a slick sedan like the Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry? 

    What decisions surround your new Toyota in Orlando? 

    It may seem like shopping for new Toyota is a breeze, but you actually have a lot of choices in front of you to make before you hop into the driver’s seat. One of the most important? The trim-level! 

    What exactly is a trim-level when it comes to your new Toyota, and what does it mean for your driving experience? Luckily for you, our Toyota dealership in Central Florida is part of a family of dealerships that not only gives you two great locations at which to find the right vehicle for you, but they’ve also broken down exactly what a trim-level is and what it means when it comes down to your new car. Take a closer look! 


    What is a trim-level, and how does it affect your drive time? 

    Trim-levels are basically how automakers classify cars. For example, if you look at the 2013 Toyota Corolla in Orlando, you’ll find the following trim-levels available: 

    • L
    • LE
    • S

    Each trim-level offers different features and elements, and the higher you go, the more decked out your car will be. For example, the 2013 Toyota Corolla S has more features and technology available than the Toyota Corolla L. 

    • Trim-level also affects price. Maybe you want a particular technological feature in your new Toyota in Orlando, or there’s some stylistic element that you just can’t live without. You might be able to find it in the next trim-level up, but because there are more add-ons and enhancements, the further up you go the more you’re likely to pay! 
    • Because they’re used to classify the cars, trim-levels remain the same across the board. Why? To make it easier on you! This way no matter where you go to find your new Toyota in Orlando, you’ll find the same classifications available to keep things simple on your end. 
    • You might be able to find certain characteristics and features on particular trim-levels that you won’t find on other new Toyota. For example, the 2013 Toyota Corolla S comes with a sport-fabric interior, rear spoiler, and specially designed body kit that you won’t find on any other trim-levels of this best-selling car! 

    Still confused as to how trim-levels work, or unsure as to which new Toyota is the best fit for you? Come down to Toyota of Orlando OR Toyota of Clermont today and let our skilled sales specialists help you figure it out. Don’t forget to check out our amazing Toyota specials, and we’ll see you soon! 

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