Safe driving on Halloween night: Orlando Toyota tips

Toyota of Orlando tips 

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What are your plans for the spookiest night of the year? Whether you’re hitting the hottest candy spots for trick-or-treating or getting decked out for a killer costume party, it’s likely you’ll be spending some time on the road. However, Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights to be out and about. Not only are there more cars and more pedestrians crossing your path, you’ll also find that quite a few more drivers tend to get behind the wheel after drinking. Toyota of Orlando is here with simple safe driving tips to ensure your Halloween night is full of scary-good fun.

6 Orlando Toyota tips for fright night

#1: Turn on your headlights and use your wipers.
You should always use your headlights from dusk until dawn, but even more so on Halloween when so many ghouls and ghosties are out on the sidewalks. You need full visibility to employ safe driving and avoid an accident, so make sure your headlights are on and shining brightly. Additionally, if we get rainy weather be sure to put your windshield wipers into play to keep your field of vision clear.
#2: Come to a complete stop at crosswalks and red lights.
More foot traffic means a lot more people crossing streets to collect their candy. Be sure to bring your car to a complete stop at crosswalks and red lights, and check thoroughly before you slowly pull through so you can avoid hitting pedestrians.
#3: Put defensive driving into practice.
You’ll need to put your best defensive driving skills into play on Halloween to ensure everyone’s safety. This means getting rid of distractions (like your phone), keeping your eyes on the road, following road rules, and leaving plenty of distance between your car and other vehicles.
#4: Be careful where you drop trick-or-treaters.
If you’re letting trick-or-treaters out of the car while you find a parking spot, make sure to do it in a safe space. You should always come to a stop, turn your hazard lights on, and have your little witches and werewolves climb out on the side closest to the curb so they can get right onto the sidewalk.
#5: Consider leaving the costume off while you drive.
Wearing your costume is fun, but it may not be safe in the car, especially if you’re driving. Bulky costumes can prevent your seatbelt from fitting properly (and thus working properly), and masks or glasses can impede your vision when you’re behind the wheel. Consider leaving your costume off until you reach your final destination for safe driving.
#6: Don’t try to pursue drunk drivers.
If you see a drunk driver, don’t try to pursue them yourself. Instead, take a moment to notice the make, model, and color of their car. You should also note any distinguishing characteristics, like stickers, accessories, or accident damage. Call the police and give them these details and then let them know where the driver is headed.

Use our safe driving tips on Halloween night!

Our Orlando Toyota family hopes you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween!