Should you buy a new Toyota truck?

Orlando Toyota Tacoma

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Is a new Toyota truck in your near future? Trucks are the perfect solution for drivers who want a high degree of versatility in their lives. If you're tackling the school drop-off line on weekdays but want to be able to tow the boat to the lake or take things off the pavement on the weekends, then a new Toyota truck is your ideal ride. However, trucks aren't for everyone, and Toyota of Orlando is here to discuss the pros and cons of owning one.

Pros of owning a truck

Let’s talk about the pros first – what are the benefits of being a new Toyota truck owner? Check it out.
Pro #1: More horsepower and torque.
Trucks have larger engines to produce more horsepower and torque, and this makes them ideal for towing and hauling. The Orlando Toyota Tundra, for example, can tow up to 10,000 lbs easily. You’ll find that no matter which new Toyota truck you drive home, you’ll be able to tow heavy loads and haul heavy cargo with ease and efficiency.
Pro #2: Off-road abilities.
New Toyota trucks are also designed to be versatile enough to take things off the pavement. Tackling off-road trails is simple when you have features like four-wheel drive, all-terrain tires, active traction control, multi-terrain select, and CRAWL control. You’ll also find handy accessories like tow hooks and skid plates for a higher degree of performance and protection.
Pro #3: Additional space inside and out.

You'll find more space both inside AND outside the cabin in a pickup truck. Depending on which cab you choose, you can seat up to five with room to spare. And a spacious bed gives you plenty of room to haul whatever it is you need to get across town. Plus, a lot of our trucks come with convenient features like a deck rail system with tie down cleats for added security.

Cons of owning a truck

What about the cons? Here are some of the perceived downsides of owning this particular type of Orlando Toyota vehicle.
Con #1: Less fuel efficiency.

As noted, trucks come with larger engines (and are larger vehicles in general than your typical car or compact SUV). The trade off for that extra horsepower and torque is lower fuel efficiency.

Con #2: More vehicle to maneuver.

Trucks are just bigger vehicles in general. That means you've got more to maneuver so if you're not comfortable driving a big ride, consider another option.

Con #3: Less variety in terms of models.
There are fewer options when it comes to trucks when you’re talking about models (as compared to cars and SUVs). That being said, trucks have a ton of parts, packages, and accessories that you can use to customize.
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