9 Facts: The Daytona Beach Pier and Boardwalk

Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier 

1. The original pier was built Thomas Keating before the turn of the 20th century and extended 600 feet into the ocean.

2. On January 20, 1920 a fire destroyed the pavilion and most of the pier. It was rebuilt by Keating.

3. The Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier is a combination of the Joyland Amusement Center, Mardi Gras Fun Center, Pizza King & Lisa's Gift Shop

4. It has been known as the Ocean Pier, Keating Pier, Pier Casino, Main Street Pier and now the Daytona Beach Pier, but to most people it is simply known as “the pier”

5. The pier and boardwalk are considered one of the most recognizable sites in Daytona Beach

6. The pier has withstood the constant pounding of the Atlantic surf, fire and hurricanes, but it still stands, just as it was built in 1925.

7. At one point, the pier was the Pier Casino, and became a popular photo spot for famous racers.

8. Joe’s Crab Shack opened on the pier in 2012

9. In 2009, the city took operational control of the pier, completely refurbished it and sought a long-term tenant

Source: Official city website for Daytona Beach