Tropical Storm Gamma is born, moves slowly; wet weekend for Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. — Nota en español: La depresión 25 se convertirá en la tormenta tropical Gamma esta noche; fin de semana pasado por agua para Florida Central

Tropical Storm Gamma has officially formed as it nears the Yucatan Peninsula.

Forecast Track

It will be slowly approaching the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatán Peninsula. It is expected to bring high rainfall to Cancún and other adjacent cities in eastern Mexico.

There are not many steering currents to make this system move drastically during the weekend. It will continue to meander near the Yucatan Peninsula, likely producing torrential rains that will lead to flash floodings.

Hurricane hunters are scheduled to investigate this area later on Friday. Data collected in the flight will be put in the overnight models, which could change the track slightly. It is not expected to be a major shift, but perhaps a speed change.

If this system stays close or near land, over the Yucatan it will struggle to strengthen. Water temperatures are still very warm across the Caribbean, so the fuel for this system is there if the disturbance remains over water, and wind shear will be weak.

The system’s moisture will linger over the southern Gulf of Mexico and likely to be pushed back toward southern Mexico to the west-southwest.

Wet weekend for Central Florida

As the system tries to become better organized, the rain bands will push plenty of moisture back to Central Florida. It will come accompanied by the cold front that will retract to the north and become stationary. The stationary front will park over Central Florida, producing a mostly cloudy weekend and higher than normal showers and storms for Sunday.

The heaviest downpours and storms will arrive on Saturday night and stay overnight through Sunday afternoon. The rain will come in batches and any training storms could cause flooding.

Clouds will be thick and temperatures will respond to the clouds over the area, highs will stay in the upper-70s to low-80 across Central Florida on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The evenings will be cool but will feel slightly muggy, lows between 68 and 72.

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Another tropical wave entering the Caribbean from the east and could have tropical development early next week, once it is over the central or west Caribbean.

This is the time of the year where tail-ends of cold fronts could spin tropical formation, and usually, this happens over the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean.

Depending on how much energy Invest-91L leaves behind, it can fuel the development of the next tropical wave.

We will monitor closely this system through the week, please check back for any updates.

LOCAL WEATHER: Cloudy skies, highs in the mid-80s in Central Florida before rain moves in, cools down weekend temps

Forecast Track

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