• Hurricane Irma: Flooded Leesburg mobile home park residents receive help

    By: Angela Jacobs


    LEESBURG, Fla. - Channel 9's Angela Jacobs reports some of the residents of the Country Life mobile home park have gotten power back Sunday, but many are still in need of help. 

    Since Saturday, a community group in The Villages organized to bring water and supplies to the mobile home park. County officials also scheduled a visit. 

    The park's co-owner also flew in from out of state and brought in a bigger pump truck. 

    The Salvation Army served hot meals to community members Sunday night. 



    Residents of a Lake County community are begging for help, saying their situation has become dire since Hurricane Irma.

    At least 15 homes in the Country Life Mobile Home Park along State Road 33 in Leesburg are unlivable—with serious flooding and large sections invaded by sewage.

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    “You can't help. They can't help. Only thing you can do is comfort each other. That's it,” said Pam Webb, who lives at the park.

    Six days after Irma, there’s no power or clean water at the park—and limited food supplies are starting to dwindle.

    “There are children, there are handicapped and there are elderly, and we just kind of feel like we're forgotten in this whole mess,” said Wendy Carroll, a resident.

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    One mother at the park said she’s sleeping in her car at night to cool her newborn.

    The contents of one home that had a tree crash through the roof are on the street. The owner of the home said he has Parkinson’s disease and can’t remove the tree.

    “We don't have that much food. It's hard because we have to get more ice like everyday,” said Hadden Ognoski, a 15-year-old who lives at the park.

    A maintenance man running a pump on the property said the property manager is sick and was not available to talk to us.

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    “We got nothing for 3 days from anybody and it's really, really frustrating, I mean what are you going to do? What are you going to do?” said Webb.

    Channel 9’s Angela Jacobs said she contacted the property owners who live out of state, but has not heard back.  

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