• Watching Atlantic tropical depression; TS Imelda makes landfall in Texas

    By: Irene Sans


    The tropics continue to be busy.



    Tropical depression 11 was officially upgraded to Tropical Storm Imelda Tuesday at noon eastern time as surface observations near Texas signaled this system strengthened. By 2:30p.m., the National Hurricane Center announced it had made landfall in Freeport, Texas.


    Imelda continue crawling northward and bring heavy rain to Southeast Texas through Friday. The storm will slowly move over the Texas coast affecting most of the southeast of Texas, expect major rainfall amounts to create flash flooding. Some models are showing over 10 inches of rainfall during the next four to five days.


    This system is likely to produce life-threatening flash flooding along portions of the Upper Texas Coast, including the Houston and Galveston areas. 


    The National Hurricane Center has issued a tropical storm warning for the coast of Texas from Sargent to Port Bolivar. 





    Humberto is a strong hurricane and moving away from the U.S., but it's pulling a dry air mass over Florida, which is limiting shower and storm activity. 


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    Tropical Depression 10 formed Tuesday morning, and the National Hurricane Center has begun advisories for the system.


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    The depression is located about 1,100 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. Models call for the system to continue traveling westward before turning northwest, staying north of the Caribbean by the end of the week and over Atlantic waters in the longer term. 


    Current intensity models show the system staying as a tropical storm during the next three days, possibly strengthening to a hurricane once it is adjacent to the Caribbean on the weekend, 




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