Learn how you can support a child through Forever Family

Learn how you can support a child through Forever Family

Are you interested in adopting or fostering a child you have seen on our weekly segment called "Forever Family" hosted by Martha Sugalski?

Each week, we highlight amazing kids right here in Central Florida who are looking for a family to love them forever. Embrace Families is our local partner and we appreciate all they do to help us profile young men and women looking for their forever family.

To learn more about a child you have seen on our weekly segment, please call 1-888-365-FAMILY or email info@foreverfamily.org or visit www.foreverfamily.org

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Fostering vs. Adoption

Foster care parents provide temporary, nurturing environments for kids and teens who have been removed from their living situation. Foster families who open their hearts and homes to kids in need of care, play an essential role as they search for their forever families. With a growing amount of kids and teens in need of a place to stay, foster care homes are always in need.

Adoption is one of the biggest, most beautiful commitments a family could make to a child. When a family decides to adopt, not only are they receiving full parental rights, but they are committing to love, nurture and parent a child or teen that has fallen victim to an unfortunate, former living situation. Giving these children a second chance means the world to them.
You can be the difference these children long for.

Benefits of Adopting from Foster Care

In addition to giving adoptable children a forever home, parents will find many benefits that come with adopting from foster care:

  • Affordability: adopting from foster care has little to no cost, versus private forms that can cost upwards of $30,000;

  • Legal Security: children are not made available for adoption until courts have terminated the parental rights of their birth parents;

  • Tax Credit: parents who adopt children with special needs automatically get a $11,390 credit, even if the expenses end up being less;

  • Financial Support: in some cases, a monthly stipend is granted to help cover day-to-day expenses;

  • Free Medical Care: children who receive a monthly subsidy are eligible for health care until age 18 or 21 through Medicaid;

  • Paid College Tuition: children adopted from Florida foster care are eligible to receive paid-for tuition at any state community college, university or vocational school;

  • Legal Benefits: adopted children gain the same rights and privileges as biological children;

  • Community Support: new adoptive parents receive free orientation and access to a 24-hour helpline;

  • Other Incentives: all states provide incentives that encourage families to adopt from local foster care.