9 Investigates: Apopka Police Department's use of force under review

Body camera video shows the moment that Apopka police caught up to two suspected car burglars in July.

APOPKA, Fla. — Only 9 Investigates has obtained body camera video at the center of an internal investigation. The July video is being investigated after an Apopka police captain assigned to a use of force review raised a red flag.

Investigative reporter Karla Ray went through the video, and the narrative of the officer under investigation. She learned the narrative tells a different story than what the man arrested told medics on scene the night of the arrest.

The investigation centers on how the officer and suspect made it onto the other side of a fence while the suspect was in handcuffs. That’s something the video does not clearly show. That night, the now-convicted car burglar, Dalton Mosley, was hiding from Apopka police in the backyard of a home off White Tail Loop.  Somehow, he and Officer Kenyon Friedline forced their way through a space in a wooden fence, and within seconds, Mosley was face-down on the ground.

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“I think he’s knocked out, call (the fire department),” Friedline is heard saying in the video.

Chief Mike McKinley told 9 Investigates he couldn’t discuss details of the investigation because the internal affairs review was still active.

Friedline’s own supplemental narrative of the arrest states: "After securing Mosley I assisted him to his feet and he pulled away from me toward the privacy fence. As Mosley hit the fence with his body, it broke free and pushed out away from us. Mosley went through the break of the fence while I was still on the inside of the fence trying to maintain control over him which was difficult as his skin was sweaty. Mosley continued to pull away from me as I attempted to pass through the break in the fence. I was having difficulty making it through as I caught my thigh on a screw/nail. I felt my grip loosen as Mosley then turned to his right and pulled away from me. At the time there was No perimeter set and if Mosley would have broken free he would have had an opportunity to escape. I then pulled back in the opposite direction, redirecting his momentum, causing him to fall to the ground. After Mosley hit the ground he appeared stunned."

It went on to say, "Mosley was then treated by Apopka FD with no further complaints. It should be noted I have no body camera video to submit as I placed my equipment, along with the body worn camera, in my patrol vehicle after the search."

But Mosley told medics on scene that he was in pain. “They slammed me through a (expletive) fence,” he said.  When asked if he fell down, Mosley replied, “No, I didn’t fall down. They slammed me through a damn fence standing up.”

Mosley is serving out a sentence for the car break-ins at Orange County’s Work Release Center.

Meanwhile, Friedline is still actively working during the investigation. He has been assigned to the front desk at the Apopka police headquarters.