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9 Investigates: Graphic novel found in multiple school libraries

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — 9 Investigates found out another central Florida school district is reviewing a graphic teen novel recently pulled from the shelves of some elementary school libraries in Seminole County.

The book is now being considered too racy for high school students.

“How do you explain to a 9-year-old the graphic things that were in this book?,” said parent Melissa Allison.

The Sabal Point Elementary School mother described her stress when her third-grader brought home “This One Summer” from the school library.

The book is filled with obscenities and sexual situations.

“This is one person’s opinion on very tough subjects. The kids are not going to be able to handle that,” said Allison.

District officials agreed with her concerns and began formal steps to label the book inappropriate, removing it from three high schools as well.

“We appreciate that greatly, that a parent would bring that to our attention so the school could remedy it quickly,” said Michael Lawrence of the Seminole County School District.

Channel 9’s Angela Jacobs checked with Osceola County and found the book was in one elementary school library, and pending placement in another.

The school district said both books have been pulled, but some copies remains on high school shelves in Osceola County.

Seminole County librarians order books off a district team’s preapproved list. After Allison’s complaint, the entire system is under review.

“Do they need to know this stuff? And if they do, do they need to hear it from the school, or do they need to hear it from their parent? That’s the question the screening process needs to do,” said Allison.