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9 Investigates: Melbourne officer accused of excessive force had history of write-ups

MELBOURNE, Fla. — 9 Investigates is digging deeper into the history of two Melbourne police officers facing allegations of bad behavior on the job.

One is facing accusations of sexual assault, while the other is being investigated for excessive force.

Channel 9’s Kimberly Eiten uncovered five other investigations of alleged misconduct.

Hundreds of pages of reports, including three separate Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation reports, outline investigations into accusations of Officer Christopher Eisen breaking police rules.

Now, he's under the FDLE’s microscope again after being turned in by his department for use of force.

Melbourne police are not saying what led to the accusation.

This is the fourth time FDLE will look into allegations made against Eisen.

In May 2005, the agency looked into reports that he let a drunk person drive away from the scene of a crash.

FDLE found Eisen violated policy.

The same ruling came down later that year in December, when he was accused of shoving a neighbor's child while off duty.

The finding came with a written reprimand.

Less than a year later, Eisen's file again landed on FDLE’s desk when a couple complained that he was belligerent and rude during a traffic stop.

Eisen was written up a second time.

The latest investigation, filed last week, has him off the job but still collecting a paycheck--and he's not the only one.

Lt. Pete Mercaldo is also on leave, accused of sexual assault.

His disciplinary file, is much shorter.

9 Investigates found FDLE has investigated him once before, when money disappeared while officers were executing a search warrant.

Mercaldo was cleared.

Melbourne police did not comment on either investigation.