9 Investigates: Multiple violations found at Orlando day care where boy died in hot car

ORLANDO, Fla. — Investigators with the Orlando Police Department and Department of Children and Families spent Tuesday investigating the events leading up to the hot van death of 3-year-old Myles Hill.

Hill’s body was found Monday evening inside a transport van outside of the Little Miracles Day Care on Plymouth Avenue in Orlando. Police said the boy had been in the van nearly 12 hours.

“It’s just so hard, it’s so hard. That’s all I can say. On both sides,” Ethel Thomas said.

Thomas raised the day care owner’s siblings Audrey and Bryant Thornton.

9 Investigates reporter Karla Ray found less than a month ago, the Little Miracles Day Care on Plymouth Avenue was found out of compliance for failure to keep track of child transports in and out of the facility.

Florida Administrative Code requires logs to document each child’s name, the date and time of departure and arrival when being driven by day care workers. Drivers and a second staff member are required to sign off on those logs to verify that all children are out of the vehicle. There is also a requirement to conduct a physical inspection and visual sweep, just in case.

“I heard someone say they could just throw that sheet away. Whether they sign it or didn’t sign it, how could you forget?” Hill’s aunt Stacy Irvin said.

DCF records also show other past violations.

During a license renewal inspection in March, 9 Investigates uncovered four incidents of noncompliance. The violations included a class of 1-year-olds being left alone by a worker, failure to keep a current attendance record for an emergency drill, incomplete personnel records and a child’s Epi-Pen left out in reach of kids instead of being locked up as required.

No discipline was issued that day.

Statement from DCF Secretary Mike Carroll:

"Our hearts are broken by the news of the loss of this child and we will assist all those who loved Myles in any way possible as they mourn this tragedy. DCF child care licensing staff are conducting a thorough investigation and will also continue to coordinate with law enforcement as they investigate. DCF is pursuing every legal option available to cease operations by tomorrow at both of these facilities."