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9 Investigates: Ocoee police officer resigns after accusing fellow officer of misconduct

OCOEE, Fla. — 9 Investigates two Ocoee police officers who said they had knowledge of another officer allegedly selling drugs and protecting a gang.
Lt. Brad Dreasher was not investigated following the allegations, but officers Carlos Anglero and Gregory Heyges were investigated for how they handled the information.
Heyges resigned last week, the same day the original Channel 9 story aired, after he was reprimanded for not going to his chain of command about what he said he heard about Dreasher.
Heyges and Anglero, who were part of the West Orange Task Force, said informants told them Dreasher was selling drugs and protecting a gang.
Heyges and Anglero said they weren't sure what to do with the information at first.
"We're trying, assessing who to give it too because it's like a hot potato you don't know who to give it to," Heyges said.
Heyges said they weren't sure who they could trust or who had the ability to work the investigation.
Official paperwork said although Dreasher committed no violation, the Ocoee Police Department should have been notified before the Sheriff's Office.
Officials cleared Dreasher of wrongdoing without investigating him, saying a separate investigation led them to make to that conclusion.
Dreasher has since retired after 25 years and works with the red light company contracted with the city of Ocoee. He was placed on a 30-day suspension from the company last week after the first story aired.
Heyges will not leave the department until June 4. He will be on PTO until that date.